Seminar on Combatting Antisemitic Hate Speech

9-11.05.2017 Strasbourg, France

Another very interesting seminar took place in European Youth Centre Strasbourg, France from 9-11 May, 2017. Human Rights leaders and workers from different countries gathered in Strasbourg to discuss the ways how to Combat Antisemitic Hate Speech.

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EU Grant Scheme Presentation to Support Innovative Ways to Develop Local Community through Sport, Culture, Education and Tourism

10.04.2017 Yerevan, Armenia

On 10 of April, 2017 in Yerevan, the EU Ambassador to Armenia Piotr Świtalski announced € 2.9 million Grant Scheme designated to promote an inclusive and empowered society in Armenia, by facilitating participation of the civil society and local authorities in poverty reduction and sustainable development process at local level.

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Parliamentary elections and observation mission in Armenia

02.04.2017 Yerevan, Armenia

On 2 of April 2017, Armenia has launched elections to the National Assembly (parliament) of the Republic, which were the first nationwide elections after the 2015 constitutional amendments that switched over to a parliamentary form of government with the National Assembly to control the executive branch, elect the president and oversight the budget, among other things.

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Training Course 'We Can'

20-24.03.2017 Strasbourg, France

Training Course “WE CAN” taking action on Hate Speech through Counter and Alternative Narratives took place in Strasbourg, France, in beautiful European Youth Center, during the period 20-24 March, 2017.

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