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Leaders and young people from 6 countries, including Armenia, France, Georgia, Germany, Italy and Poland totally 30 people met in Yerevan, Armenia for 10 days to participate in an exchange project “Breaking Stereotypes”, which was  financed by European Union, “Youth in Action” program.

Through joint team building activities and work, study sessions the young people had opportunity to develop their knowledge about Intercultural communication, foreign cultures of 6 represented countries and get to know each other better. The exchange gave them a unique opportunity to live together under one roof for 10 days, to spent time together breaking stereotypes about their people, cultures, traditions etc.

For most of the participants this was the first time in Armenia, moreover for some of them it was also the first “Youth in Action” project that they have participated in. The hosting organization “Educational and Cultural Bridges” have organized for the participants Cultural day, during which the participants have visited important cultural and historical places of Armenia, such as Khor Virap, Ararat region, visit to Noravank Monastery and Areni church and village, famous for Armenian wine. They visited also Areni Wine factory, where they tasted Armenia wines. Visit was also organized to National Gallery of Armenia, where the participants were present on the classical concert. They also visited Narekachi Art Center, where they got acquainted with Traditional Armenian Instruments and National Music.

The participants had opportunity not only to discover Armenian culture but also other cultures of participating countries. “The exchange was quite successful. All the participants were young talented people, who made a great team together. The inner atmosphere in the team was very positive and friendly, which gave opportunity to young people to communicate easily with each other and learn from each other”, mentions the coordinator of the project Arpine Kostanyan.

The Italian team leader, Alessandro Gioffrè d'Ambra, during the Interview has mentioned that they are thankful to the organizers. The team has enjoyed the project, as it was well structured and well balanced. The Italian team also enjoyed the people that they have met to break the stereotypes.

Nino Maghlakelidze, the Georgian leader said that the project was quite successful and so much fun, meeting different cultures to break stereotypes. The topic continued Weronika Szwej, the polish leader: “It was amazing project; we were like a big family. Basically I liked everything”.

Thanks to European Union and especially “Youth in Action” and “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO had a fantastic opportunity to gather young people from 6 different countries. After 10 days being together participants left back to their countries full of warm memories, newly gained friend and great contacts for future cooperation.       

“Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO creates not only educational and cultural cooperation but also creates bridges among people, joining talented and young leaders from different countries. We are more than sure that the cooperation will continue and they will come back to Armenia.