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The advanced planning visit of the youth exchange “Different Cultures – One Humanity” took place in Yerevan 24-28 April, 2014 with the involvement of 7 countries team leaders including Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Ukraine and Portugal.

The leaders arrived to Armenia on 24 of April, during 3 working days the leaders had opportunity to discuss all the organizational details of the coming exchange, share roles and responsibilities and also visited JR’s hostel, where the project was planned to implement.

The youth exchange “Different Cultures – One Humanity” is exchange for young people age 18-25 from 7 countries, totally 35 participants that will take place in Yerevan, Armenia from 5-14 August, 2014. The exchange is to create space for respect and tolerance towards other cultures and human rights, made young people and multipliers aware about other cultures and the common values, provide them with the skills and tools to enhance their activities in this context. The exchange is planned to sustain and widen existing networks of youth workers and youth leaders; promote the understanding and respect for cultural diversity and intercultural cooperation.

During the APV visit the leaders discussed the methodology that will be used, energizers, planned activities, also discussed each day stricture of the coming exchange. The leaders in their turn gave suggestion and their opinions. After productive discussions the full planning of the schedule was designed and the draft timetable was prepared by leaders.

During the last day the hosting NGO “Educational and Cultural Bridges” has organized for 7 leaders a cultural day, during which the participants had opportunity to visit Garni Temple and Geghard Monastery. After 3 productive working days when all the preparation issues of the exchange were discussed,  the leaders went to their home countries to prepare their teams and tasks for the coming exchange, which no doubt for them would be organized on the highest professional level.