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The “Re Italo” UNESCO Club of Reggio di Calabria and the Paspartú Association, in cooperation with the Organisations Vitaru, Let's Do It! and international partners from: Italy, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, France, Greece, North Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, USA, Japan, Philippines, Bulgaria on 22nd of April, 2021 started the photo competition on the occasion of the International Earth Day.

According to the rules of the project each participant should upload no more than 5 pictures on the web website with name, surname, city/country of origin, the title of your photo and your reason for choosing the subject.

At the end of the project the International team of Juries selected the winners of the Competition and identified 12 best photographic shots. The winning photographs were published in a “Free Future” 2022 Calendar which was distributed worldwide as the final prize of this Competition. Please see the Final Calendar attached. Each photo includes a caption for the title of the work, the name of the author, city and country of origin. The works that has been chosen by the International team of Juries were published on local and interregional television networks, national and international websites, printed newspapers, telematics newspapers, radio stations, social or media networks.

“Educational and Cultural” Bridges NGO ( was the only partner from Armenia that was part of this amazing project. The winner from Armenian side was Ani Danielyan with the photo named “My green Future” which represents July on the Calendar. The author addresses new challenge of the world waste medical masks that the child is holding on the photo. The Authors message was the following:

"I like very much nature and I feel pain every time I see the polluted areas as I want the future of our kids be bright, clean and green..."

Through the "Free Future" Photo Competition “Educational and Cultural” Bridges NGO with its partners aimed to highlight the issue of the environmental crisis, created a strong resonance and attracted partners and like-minded people from all over the world. The aim is to spread the best knowledge of sustainable consumption, respect for others, for nature and for inanimate objects and artefacts, through the training of trainers and young people, and the wide spread dissemination of the basic concepts of culture and ecology for living.

The preselected photos of the project are represented below. The “Educational and Cultural” Bridges NGO not only addresses the problem but also gives solution how we want to see out future … Future without waste but blooming roses (like presented on the photos) to smell the aroma of beautiful roses not the ugly smell of the trash.

Winning Photo

129 Winning photo

You can read the “Free Future” 2022 Calendar here.