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Within the 5 years Horizon 2020 Project, 4 Professors from University of Bath have visited Yerevan, Armenia their hosting organisation “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO.

For 2 of them it was a first time in Armenia, for 2 was second time since they have been in Armenia in 2022 spring. The Professors have participated in numerous events, exhibitions, including the 10 years Anniversary of “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO. The team had also several meeting discussions and dinners during which they spoke about joint work, achievements and upcoming visits and conference. The hosts of the projects “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO and National Academy of Science of Armenian presented the Armenian culture, history and cuisine to the visiting Professors.

The coordinator of the project Christina Horvath has mentioned that the project stages are developing quite well, the visiting researchers are working quite productive and are happy with the achieved results.

In June 2 representatives from EC Bridges, including the President of NGO Arpine Kostanyan will visit University of Warsaw, Poland for one month secondment and in July 2 secondments from EC Bridges to University of Bath, UK will take place.

The project started in 2019 and will last till January 2024. It is financed by European Commission; the official web page is