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Youth Exchange "Environmental Action"

Figueira da Foz, Portugal

Educational and Cultural Bridges NGO, a dedicated organization working towards fostering educational and cultural international projects, recently participated in a transformative Youth Exchange program in Figueira da Foz, Portugal. From May 22 to May 29, members of the NGO collaborated with other European participants under the project "Environmental Action," hosted by the Bonae Spei youth association.

The primary objective of the "Environmental Action" project was to create an awareness campaign emphasizing the significance of preserving our oceans.

Participants from Armenia, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, and the Czech Republic, exchanged their knowledge and insights about environmental issues affecting each participating country.

Throughout the program, participants had the opportunity to attend workshops facilitated by professional experts. Each country's participants presented the specific environmental problems faced in their regions.

A highlight of the program was a special session dedicated to cleaning the ocean beach from plastic waste so to preserve the coastal ecosystem.

In addition to the environmental focus, the program emphasized cultural exchange through active and interacting intercultural nights. Participants had the opportunity to present their customs, traditional dances, traditional food and culture.

Through workshops, beach cleaning initiatives, and intercultural nights, participants had the chance to deepen their knowledge of environmental issues and engage in meaningful discussions.

Last but not least, this program served as a bridge for new friendship and prosperous cooperations.