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On 5th June, Europe Day a meeting and lunch was organized, during which young leaders could have an open discussion in an informal settings with EU Delegation and European Ambassadors in Armenia.

This was an inspiring opportunity to meet, discuss and ask questions to the European Ambassadors and enjoy lunch together! Ambassadors and diplomatic representatives from the EU Member States and the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia attended this special event. Lunch menu introduced barbeque making traditions of European countries.

The meeting was opened with the official speech of the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Switalski.

“We are here as you can see with our strong European family. It’s very non-formal and non-official event, we want to show that Europe is very transparent, we want to tell you what we are doing with Armenia, how we and other EU member states work with Armenia”, said the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Piotr Switalski when opening the lunch with Ambassadors.

Leaders of “Educational and Cultural Bridges NGO” were also invited to this event and had opportunity to have discussion and ask questions to EU delegation Head in Armenia, talked with the Ambassador of Czech Republic, Lithuania, Italy, Greece, France, Romania, Sweden, Germany and the UK.

On 5th June 2016 as part of Europe Day celebrations in Armenia, Armenian youth had been invited to meet and ask questions to the Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia and EU member state Ambassadors to Armenia and other Ambassadors from the EU member states. More than 100 young Armenians had free discussions, asked questions on political, economic, cultural, social and migration related topics and enjoyed the Barbecue menu, which included specialties from various European countries.

After the meeting, NGO fair took place on Northern Avenue, where major NGOs of Armenia were present. The fair was followed in the evening by concert.