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On 28 of April a very interesting meeting took place in Yerevan State University, in the centre for European Studies, Robert Schuman Hall.

An interactive meeting with Armenian students was organized with 3 International experts from Italy, who talked with the students about perspectives of development of Armenian – Italian relationships, also future of European Union after 60 years, the current challenges and the perspectives about Neighbourhood policy and involvement of Armenia in different Educational and European Projects.

Robert Schuman hall was chosen as he was one of the founders of the European Union independent political thinker and activist also twice Prime Minister of France.

The three - guest panel speakers and experts were:
- Doct.Alessandro Battilocchio, former member of the European Parliament, member of the EU-South Caucasus Committee

- Doct.Prof. Renata Pavlov, Director of International MENA-OCSE centre in Italy

- Doct.Prof. Elena Cargnello, international consultant and expert.

The students had opportunity to ask question to speakers and had interactive dialogue about Erasmus Plus projects, Involvement of Armenia and Future prospective with EU cooperation.

The results of the event were very productive and informative for students. The meeting was jointly organized by Educational and Cultural Bridges NGO and Armenian Progressive Youth NGO.