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On June 3, 2016 A 24 Swearing Ceremony took place in Yerevan, a group of new trainees become new Peace Corps Volunteers in Armenia, the volunteers will have their 2 years’ service in different regions of Armenia teaching English language or working in different NGOs and organizations.

The Ceremony was opened by National Anthem of America and Armenia, which was followed by opening remarks of Peace Corps Armenia Country Director, Mr. Charles Enciso.

The 36 new volunteers gave promise to share their culture with an open heart and open mind. They also promised to foster an understanding of the people of Country of Service, with creativity, cultural sensitivity, and respect.

Peace Corps Volunteers are acting as a bridge between 2 countries Armenia and the USA. They are sharing their culture and learning about host country’s culture, while at the same time offering professional assistance by teaching and working in some of the schools and organizations of Armenia.

In 1961, President John F. Kennedy established the Peace Corps to promote world peace and friendship by challenging Americans to live and work in developing countries. Since then more than 220,000 Peace Corps Volunteers have served in 141 countries. Peace Corps started in Armenia in 1992 and since then more than 950 Volunteers have served in different villages and towns of Armenia.

Volunteers serve for 27 months in their host countries, learning the language and culture and living at the same level as the people they serve. Volunteers work in the following areas:

- Teaching English as a Foreign Language

- Community and Youth Development

Peace Corps Mission is:

- Helping the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women

- Helping promote better understanding of Americans on the part of the Armenian people served.

- Helping promote a better understanding of Armenians on the part of Americans.

Peace Corps will celebrate 25 years of service to Armenia in 2017 and from the name of “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO we wish Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff good luck in their great job and service.