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One year Erasmus Plus Project Armenia, Georgia, Denmark
From 19th to 22nd of January, representatives of Dansk ICYE (Denmark), COMPASS (Georgia) and EC Bridges (Armenia) came together in Tbilisi (Georgia) to give the official start to one year program “Youth work- Community Building in Rural Areas”, a KA2 Capacity-building project funded by the Executive Agency in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme.

The project, created with the aim of developing youth work in rural communities by increasing the capacity of young leaders from rural areas, will bring together 8 youth leaders from Georgia and Armenia for a series of different local and international activities aimed at transforming them in active multipliers of community engagement.

During the kick-off meting (the first activity of the 1-year long project), two representatives from each partner organization had the chance to discuss face to face different matters connected with the structure and planning of the projects activities.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to introducing each other, our backgrounds and organizations in order to better understand our context, interests and motivations to later on pass to the project activities description, when the hosts (COMPASS) introduced the general learning outcomes for each phase of the long-term project, as well as the roles and responsibilities of each partner organization and the established time frames.

One of the essential pillars of the meeting was also to present and discuss the communication strategies among coordinators, between coordinators and fellows and the general strategies for the good visibility of the project. The main objective was to decide the final visual identity, as well as to present the projects website (where you are reading this!) and the communication channels (email and social media profiles such as Facebook and Instagram).

The last day of the meeting was divided into two parts: the morning was dedicated to creating all the necessary agreements between partners and identifying the necessary steps to take by establishing the action plan, while in the afternoon the whole team took on a very special field trip to Udabno (Georgian word for “desert”) is a village located in the Southeastern part of Georgia, 70km away from Tbilisi, where COMPASS has developed different local and international activities in the past and where also this KA2 project activities will be implemented.

All in all, it was a weekend filled with planning and discussions, but also with excitement about developing this project and achievng all its goals for the benefit and impact on the local communities in rural areas of Georgia and Armenia.

Would you like to know more about the project? Please visit the following web page for the details and get to know all the objectives and activities.