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On 15 of April a pick nick non-formal meeting took place with “Educational and Cultural Bridges” leaders, members and Nelli Gishyan the National Campaign Coordinator of the No Hate Speech Movement in Armenia.

On 12 of April Nelli Gishyan arrived from Strasbourg, France where in the European Youth Centre “ Evaluation and closing conference of No Hate Speech Movement” took place. The Evaluation and Closing Conference of the No Hate Speech Movement youth campaign is the main campaign of the Council of Europe in 2018.

Nelli Gishyan spoke with the leaders about the Campaign that lasted for 5 years, which kind of projects were implemented with the Campaign and what steps have been done to combat hate speech and what are the results of Campaign. The leaders of our organization also discussed about the key points of the National Campaign Committee of Armenia, what projects were implemented and how young activists were involved.

No Hate Speech Movement campaign (NHSM) launched in 2012 and had been prolonged in May 2015 until the end of 2017 by the Committee of Ministers, as part of the Council of Europe Action Plan on the fight against violent extremism and radicalisation.

The No Hate Speech Movement has been implemented through national campaign committees, bringing together the main national stakeholders, online activists, European campaign partners and many activists involved in the programme of Youth Department, since its prolongation the campaign has grown to 45 national campaigns, over 90 online activists and 60 partner organisations.

“Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO was actively involved in many meetings and initiatives of the National Campaign Committee of NHSM in Armenia and its members were very much integrated into the program and the event of NHSM Campaign on local and European level.