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No Hate BootCamp

Misaktsieli, Georgia

From 1-7 October, the third phase of No Hate Bootcamp took place in Misaktsieli, Georgia. The first part of the project took place 17July 2018- 24 July 2018 in Dworp, Belgium in Youth Centre Hanenbos.

The second part was Awareness campaign in National teams. Armenian leaders did its awareness on 25 August, 2018 in Yerevan about the topic of No Hate Speech Movement and Awareness about Women’s Right Issues in Armenia. This project was financed by the Belgian National Agency - BIJ - Bureau International Jeunesse with European Union programme Erasmus+. The project was in line with No Hate Speech Movement Campaign of Council of Europe Youth Department.

The programme gathered 33 talented social activists from 9 countries to develop strategies to COMBAT HATE. The participating countries were: Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Moldova, Poland and Portugal. The participants, through leveraging the efficiency of non-formal education around the activities fighting hate speech and discrimination create their mission to be NO HATE SPEECH AMBASSADORS.

Objectives of the 3RD phase of the project was:

- To develop youth workers leaders competencies in dealing with hate and violence in the youth work and in their communities such as non-violent communication and action dialogue crisis communication media literacy etc;

- To reflect, evaluate and document the practices implemented throughout the phase 2 (intermediate phase);

- To develop strategies and activities aiming to involve young people at combating hate and violence through follow up projects and initiatives in frames of “BOOTCAMP”.

The days of the training course went really interesting with team presentations, discussions, debates and group works.

The hosting NGO organization in Georgia Youth Association Droni organized interesting Study visits including Council of Europe Office in Tbilisi, where the participants had very interesting meeting with representatives and some other interesting NGOs.

On the last day of the project the participants drafted projects for the future cooperation and hoping to gather and see each other again.

“Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO, was represented by 3 people: Arpine Kostanyan, Liana Ohanyan and Alina Dovlatyan.