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The leaders and volunteers of “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO jointly with “United Youth” International NGO Leaders on December 9th, 2018 have participated in different polling stations of Yerevan and Yeghegnadzor in Election Observation mission for early Elections of the National Assembly 2018.

In the team of the observers were also the President of “EC Bridges” Arpine Kostanyan and President of “United Youth International NGO” Anna Smbatyan.

According to the observers' reports, they did not register violations in polling stations. Due to the opinion of the observers the election went very peaceful, transparent and in accordance with the requirements of the RA Electoral Code. They noticed active participation of citizens and even ques in some polling stations. Observers stated that the elections were transparent, properly organized, and members of the voting commissions well observed the voting procedures.

The observers saw the badges with the notice "I voted for the first time" prepared by the Central Electoral Commission for the youngsters over 18 years old, who voted first time in their lives.

In early Elections of the National Assembly on December 9, 2018 from totally eligible 2.592.479 voters only 1.260.847 (48.63%) voters participated in elections. From the eleven following Parties, the winning were 3.

1) Republican Party of Armenia
2) Citizen’s Decision Social-Democratic Party
3) Armenian Revolutionary Federation-Dashnaktsutyun
4) My Step Parties Alliance
5) Bright Armenia Party
6) Christian-Popular Renaissance Party
7) National Progress Party
8) We Parties Alliance
9) Party Country of Legality
10) Sasna Tsrer All Armenian Party
11) Prosperous Armenia Party

As a result Armenia’s acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has won a convincing victory in parliamentary election with “My step Parties Alliance” - N 4. His bloc won more than 70% of the vote. Second wining party was Prosperous Armenia 8 % - N 11 , third Bright-Armenia, a liberal pro-Western party with 6 % - N 5. Other parties got less than 5 %.

Each party needed at least 5 % of the vote to enter the 101-seat National Assembly. Armenia’s constitution states that 30% of seats in parliament must go to opposition parties.