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From 21-25 January 2019, 40 social and youth workers gathered in Aghveran to discuss issues related to social rights and social inclusion. The training course was financed by European Youth Foundation (EYF) and was implemented by Yeghvard youth ecological NGO.

The training was attended by about 40 youth and social workers from RA regions. The course started with presentation of the program, introduction of participants' introductory games and teamwork. Then the youth had an opportunity to present and discuss social inclusion issues in their communities.

One of the trainers of the project was Arpine Kostanyan, president of “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO who prepared for the participants presentation about Council of Europe, told about history, aims and objectives. She also presented European Youth Foundation, aims and type of project it finances. The participants were very much involved and interested in the topic and showed active participation.

Together with the trainers, the participants got acquainted with Universal Declaration of Human Rights, History of Human Rights and the role of Human Rights Defender. Through debates, group work, presentations, and role-playing games, the participants appeared in different situations related to human rights protection. The team also discussed social rights, what it is, social security and social support. Having gained theoretical knowledge, young people had the opportunity to put them into practice by playing game 'Enter Dignitiland'. During the game discussing situational issues, young people created the social rights of their country of dreams. During the discussions and debates, the youth were able to get a clearer understanding of social rights. During the training, the Flower wall and '' Step forward '' games were also used to enable participants to understand how human rights are linked to human rights enforcement mechanisms and how the social role of a person can affect his or her life steps, manifestation, and future. At the end of the training, the youth prepared an action plan for further implementation in their communities.
The training was conducted through non-formal education methodology, with interesting, heated discussions, debates, team work and thematic presentations. All participants received certificates of participation at the end of the program.

The project was implemented on the highest level and in a very nice friendly atmosphere. All the participants were very much involved in the topic and were very happy to get to know each other and promised to meet each other again very soon.

TC “Social Inclusion in touch with tomorrow" aimed at strengthening the capacity and development of social and youth workers to promote social inclusion and recognition of social rights in the regions of Armenia.