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This is the story of one year successful amazing cooperation, friendship and unforgettable experience between youth workers from different beautiful countries such as Georgia, Denmark and Armenia.

This project and the year that youth leaders have spent together they will not forget soon. It gave them not only international experience but each of participants in different stages of the project had its own input by making the project even more interesting, colourful and diverse. All 3 countries participants were so different but they had one goal to make their country, communities more prosperous, developed and active.

The leaders of “Educational and Cultural Bridges”, representing Armenia Arpine Kostanyan and Liana Ohanyan mention that all started with kick off meeting in January 19-22, 2018 in Tbilisi with representatives of Dansk ICYE (Denmark)and COMPASS (Georgia). As the leaders mention from the very beginning it was obvious that the project will be very interesting and needed for young people living in rural areas.

The second part of the project was Fellowship in Denmark from 20-26 March, 2018. Armenian and Georgian fellows mention that this part was one of the most interesting and inspiring part, since they were able to see how young people live and develop their communities in such a developed country as Denmark, which was a role model of the project. “We have also discovered the beautiful country of Denmark and get to know the culture”- mention the fellows.

Participants mention that third part of the project Training course on Natural Empowerment gave them huge knowledge, skills for personal development as leaders of communities. As Vergine Tadevosyan mentions: “We were impatiently waiting for the next coming parts of the projects exchange and missing each other a lot because the project was very attractive ”.

Exchange, which was 4th part of the project, was the best for self-expression and leadership practice for participants since the whole exchange was leaded by participants. This was the key stone for the preparation work for Festival, since the participants made important decisions such as making decorations, brunches, ensuring visibility, making logo, involving locals and contacting partners and guests. They were very much inspired and motivated to be organizers of something new - the upcoming large scale Festival.

On October 20th, 2018 ''Udabno Community Festival'' took place in the village Udabno which is located in Kakheti region in Georgia. 12 Volunteers from Armenia, same numbers from Georgia and Denmark have been actively engaged in the organizational work of the festival. They had a special booth where guests could help themselves to Armenian traditional dishes. During the event Armenian volunteers presented Armenian traditional dances, traditional dresses. As the Armenian team mentions the festival was just amazing, very colourful, multicultural, diverse and enjoyable. The participants mention that it was very interesting to see the results of their hard work, effort and all the energy they have put to make the Festival a very successful one. It was also a great responsibility to present Armenia, our country on the decent level.

And a day came, when after all the interesting stages the final Evaluation took place in Yerevan, Armenia from 22 till 26 February, 2019. During several days the team gave the results of the project, did the analyses of the project strong and weak points, shared stories, said thank you to all participants, partners of the project.

At the end all participants got Youthpass for each stage of the project. The whole year went very intense, interesting and educational at the same time. All participants no doubt will remember all these amazing days spent together.

The project “Youth work - Community Building in Rural Areas”, was a KA2 Capacity-building project, funded by the Executive Agency, European Commission in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme. Jointly implemented by EC Bridges (Armenia), Dansk ICYE (Denmark), COMPASS (Georgia). The project, created with the aim of developing youth work in rural communities by increasing the capacity of youth leaders from rural areas.

The cooperation between Armenia and Georgian will be continued in 2019 with Erasmus Plus.

Would you like to know more about the project? Please visit the following web page for the details and get to know all the objectives and activities.

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