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Within the Horizon 2020 project “Memory of Disputed Territories”, financed by European Commission, meeting of the partners took place in Warsaw, hosted by University of Warsaw. Some members of the team, who were not able to join the meeting in Warsaw in person, joined virtually.

During the 2 days the partners had the possibility to discuss different issues connected with the project and its wellbeing. The morning of 14 October was opened by the chair Sophie Whiting, followed by speech of David Clarke and Joanna Wawrzyniak. Theoretical perspectives and communication strategies were discussed by the leaders. The day was closed by data management and research ethics, chaired by David Clarke.

Workshop of 15 October brought together DisTerrMem scholars, external academic experts and society stakeholders to discuss the aims of the project and seek the advice of practitioners about the development of the project as a whole, in terms of achieving findings that would be of use to them in their work. The team also closely discussed with practitioners the concept of agonistic memory in relation to managing the memories of disputed territories. Discussion was interactively live steamed to all participants from outside of Warsaw. The second part of the day the participants of the workshop including two NGO representatives, among them Apine Kostanyan, team lead from “Educational and Cultural Bridges” (Armenia) did the presentation of the NGO.

Thanks to the hosting partner – University of Warsaw and coordinating organization - University of Bath the workshop was organized on the highest level and went very productive.