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Another Interesting Training, called “Together for the Sustainable Future” financed by Youth in Action, European Commission started from 12 of June. The training was organized by “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO, its foreign partner as well as with the support of FYCA NGO.

Totally 30 people from 8 different countries participated in the training. Youth leaders and workers from Armenia, France, Georgia, Latvia, Romania, Italy, Portugal and Ukraine gathered in Armenia.

The training course “Together for the sustainable future " took place from 12-19 June  2014  in Armenia, Yerevan.  The total working days of the project was 6 days and was devoted to Healthy Lifestyle, outdoor activities and social integration. This training course was developed to encourage the development of a critical, democratic and creative participation of young people from different countries. During the training the participants developed their knowledge about the key ideas of Social Integration, cross cultural communication and Healthy Lifestyle. Interesting sessions was organized about the key principles and ideas of the topic. They also got information how to make young people more inclusive in the society, get some knowledge about AIDs, healthy lifestyle, like nutrition and sport activities. The organizers created space for the young people self expression and active participation. The participants had opportunity not only to learn from the professional team of trainers but participated in different sessions and activities, during which they shared with each other their knowledge, experience and ideas.  The training was also based on inter cultural communication and dialogue between the participants, the aim of which was to create relaxed and peaceful conditions for self-expression, communication and integration.

The outcomes of the projects were fantastic and very productive.

“From my experience this is the best course I’ve ever been”,-this is how the participant Claudia Onida from Italy, representing ASAP Association, express about the Training course “Together for the sustainable Future”.

Natalya Datchenko, from Ukraine, shares her impressions with us: -  “ The main point was openness of the trainers and participants and their good mood. It made all sessions interesting. Armenian team was perfect, the trainers were great. I have never met during one course representatives from so many countries. I understood and felt people. It was amazing”. 

According to another active participant opinion Bruno Gomes from Portugal: “everything was very well organized and the group as well. It helped a lot the learning process to be also fun. The timetable was great. My mind didn’t get tired a single moment”.

The participants also had opportunity to visit very important historical places in Armenia. They saw Geghard Monastery and Garni Temple, from the Armenian team learnt the history and culture of Armenian people, visited Opera House and discovered Yerevan. As the coordinator of the project Arpine Kostanyan mentions: “With support of Youth in Action financing, the training was very successful, all participants from 8 countries were very interesting and actively were involved in every step of the training making it more and more interesting. The atmosphere and mood of the group was very positive creating a big international family. At the end of the training the participants didn’t want to leave Armenia and their new friends”.