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Evaluation of one year Erasmus Plus Project 'How to START UP for young people'

Evaluation of one year Erasmus Plus Project 'How to START UP for young people'

20-23.10.2019 Nancy, France

The Evaluation of the one year Erasmus Plus Project “How to START UP for young people” took place in Nancy, France from 20-23 October, 2019. During the 3 days team leaders from 8 participating countries gathered in Nancy to evaluate the project.

The leaders discussed the Workshop and Youth Exchange, presented the feedbacks of the participants. Overall the leaders have mentioned that the one year project was very interesting, productive and educative. Team leaders also mentioned that all the parts of the project were organized on the highest level with various interesting study visits and involvement of experts.

As a result of one year project the web page www.startupyoungpeople.com was created, where all the information about the project was put. In the section “Guidebook” one can find digital Guidebooks in 8 National languages, which were also printed and presented during the Evaluation in France. The Guidebooks in National Languages is also one of the main outcomes of the project. The videos of the project was also presented during the Evaluation and discussed.

On the last day of the evaluation, the leaders discussed and planned future projects to apply together to keep alive the project and cooperation between 8 countries.

The hosting French Association ERCP organized everything on the highest level, prepared very interesting timetable. Besides productive work, the Association organized for team leaders’ teambuilding activities such as Konoye Kayak, degustation of traditional French food, drink and visiting some important historical places and churches in Nancy city to be able to discover French culture and history.

All the leaders left France very happy but sad at the same time as the project has finished.

All the details of the project can be found on the official web page of the project www.startupyoungpeople.com.

The One year project “How to Start UP for young people” was financed by European Commission, within the Framework of Erasmus Plus Project. The official start of the project was 15.11.2018 and ended 15.11.2019. This project involved 8 countries including Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine, France, Italy, Portugal, Greece and Croatia.

Thanks to the support of European Commission and Erasmus Plus project the team and the coordinating organization “Educational and Cultural Bridges” had the opportunity to organize this very interesting project, which no doubt gave opportunity to young people not only to develop their knowledge in the field of entrepreneurship topics and how to Start UP but also to learn about other cultures and develop intercultural communication and dialogue.