Secondment one month visit to Armenia

Secondment one month visit to Armenia

03.01-09.02.2020 Yerevan, Armenia

Within the project Horizon 2020 “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO has hosted for one month two Professors from University of Warsaw Professor Dr. Tomasz Rawski from Department of Philosophy & Sociology and Dr. Anna Przybylska (Department of Philosophy and Sociology; Founder and head of Centre for Deliberation at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw Department of Philosophy and Sociology; Founder and head of Centre for Deliberation at the Institute of Sociology, University of Warsaw).

Dr. Anna Przybylska did her secondment from 3 January till 3 February 2020. Dr. Tomasz Rawski arrived to Armenia on 9 January and stayed till 9 February 2020.

During one month stay both Professors got acquainted with the work of Educational and Cultural Bridges, projects, team and volunteers. The leaders organised the stay of Polish Professors not only for them to enjoy the research that they were conducting but also to get to know the cultural life of the city and country.

The NGO has organized several meetings during which Professors met young people from all the regions of Armenia, presented their research work. They also met the colleagues from the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Armenian Academy of Sciences.

Anna and Tomasz have also visited the Genocide Museum and Memorial, Historical, Military Museum of Armenia, visited concerts and got acquainted with history and cultural life of Armenia.
Educational and Cultural Bridges was very happy to host Anna and Tomasz and are looking forward for their return in June and September 2020.

Tomasz’s Article about his one month stay can be found on the following link:
Anna and Tomasz were hosted by Educational and Cultural Bridges NGO, within within the project Disputed Territories and Memory (DisTerrMem), which is a three-year project funded by Horizon 2020.

The project has six partner organisations in the DisTerrMem consortium: four educational institutions and two non-governmental organisations (NGOs). As DisTerrMem brings together an international team of researchers from six organisations who are working collaboratively to explore the management of competing memories of disputed territories across borders. The project will be continued till January 2022 with Academic visits and interesting events.

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