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On 10 October a meeting took place in Youth Events Holding Centre (where the National Campaign Committee of No Hate Speech Movement Armenia is) with NO HATE SPEECH MOVEMENT Committee members.

The committee members presented the projects that they have participated in during the year of 2017 in different countries and the results that have been achieved. The meeting was organized by No Hate Speech Movement National Campaign coordinator and Activist Nelly Gishyan.

Arpine Kosyanyan, an active member of NO HATE SPEECH MOVEMENT, President of Educational and Cultural Bridges NGO, presented the projects that she was the part of and was representing Armenia. The projects were the following ones:

1) Learning to live Together: A Shared Commitment to Democracy , Strasbourg France, 18-23 June. Organised by Council of Europe.

2) Seminar on Combatting Anti-Semitic Hate Speech, Strasbourg France, 9-11 May, European Youth Centre of Strasbourg.

3) Training Course 'We Can' , Strasbourg France, 20-24 March, European Youth Centre of Strasbourg.

Miss Kostanyan presented the projects and materials in details and talked about the importance of having a delegates from Armenia during the projects, the results that have been achieved, future cooperation and networking importance.

Other members of the committee Anahit Khachatryan, Caven Antryas, Karen Angela Musheghyan, Lia Hayrapetyan, Johny Kondakjian, Galust Mardanyan, Arpine Sahakyan presented the projects that they have participated in.

Galust, Karen, Lia, presnted their adventures during the "Dialogue" summer camp, that took place in August, in Kaluga, Russian Federation. They shared their impressions about the summer camp and the international dialogue that they had opportunity to be a part of and the delegates from Armenia.

Johny Kondakjian shared his best experience called "United Youth Against Hate and Violent Extremism" that took place in September 2017, in Budapest.

The meeting went very productive and useful not only for the Committee Members but for the future cooperation and projects in the field of combating the No Hate Speech.