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  • Educational and cultural projects
  • Youth inclusion and integration
  • Cross cultural dialogue
  • European Citizenship
Who we are
Educational and Cultural Bridges (EC Bridges) NGO is an organization for young people.

From the name of the organization its clear that the core of the organization is co-operation, building bridges in Educational and Cultural field.

The professional team of the NGO has put lot of enthusiasm, passion and creativity to build a concept and a platform, which young people can use to develop their ideas, competences, skills promoting intercultural dialogue and learning.

Our main aims

To create non-formal and formal educational bridges between different countries

To create peaceful conditions for crosscultural communication and expression
To unite youth of different countries
To encourage active involvement of young people in their community and civil society
To develop information, counselling, research, intercultural learning, inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, sustainable human development and active democratic participation
  • Are you interested in discovering and learning new things?
  • Meeting interesting young leaders from different parts of the world?
  • Then this organization is for you!

Projects & Events