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The first part of the Action Days Countering Antisemitic Hate Speech was implemented on 9 November and the second part was devoted to the awareness rising meetings!

In the middle of October, NCC Armenia spread the call inviting young people and NGO representatives to apply for the preparation and participation of the Action Days that was decided to organize from the 9th till the 10th of November 2017 by the No hate Speech Movement Campaign.

In the first prep meeting the team created the timetable of activities, according to which we would have more days for awareness rising on the topic of “Antisemitic hate speech and how to combat it”. We intended to stress the importance of the educated approach to fight against anti-Semitism and raise awareness on it.

The prep team had two meetings at the office of the Youth Events Holding Centre, as a result team members decided to go to the streets of Yerevan and ask people their opinion about Jewish people and what they know about anti-Semitic hate speech (meantime having discussions and shooting the video).

At the 10th of November there was held an online informal-educative meeting leaded by Gilles Bloch, the National Campaign Coordinator of the No Hate Speech Movement in France with the active involvement of people of NCC Armenia and representatives of different NGO`s having with us the special guest Lilla Nedeczky, the National Campaign Coordinator of NHSM in Hungary.

The online meeting with Gilles Bloch went in a very active and friendly environment trying to find answers for the cases how to combat anti-Semitic hate speech and actions for making effective and constructive dialogue among youth in Europe.

The upcoming days are still going to be dedicated to the topic of Countering Anti-Semitism. For this reason at the 14th of November 2017 a meeting was organized from NCC Armenia for the young people in Vanadzor city, in the “Vanadzor Info Tun” centre, where young people had opportunity to learn more about human rights online, hate speech and freedom of expression. The meeting is entitled as “Human Rights vs Hate Speech”.

“Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO and its volunteers took part in every step of the actions days.