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The training course “Women Also Have Human Rights” was financed by Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation and was implemented by “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO and its partners.

Gender inequality and violence against women are still serious human rights concerns in Armenia as thousands of women are victims of violence every year in Armenia.

Unfortunately women’s right in Armenia start to being violated even since the pregnancy of mother and as soon as the gender of the child is defined. Lot of unborn girls are killed every year only because of the reason that they belong to a certain gender. According to the United Nations Population Fund, Armenia now has the third highest rate of female abortions in the world, behind China and Azerbaijan. For a small county like Armenia, with a population of 3 million people and having demographic problem, being third country in the world is a huge alarming problem.

Even if a girl is born and doesn’t become a victim of sex-based abortion during the years of growing up and during marriage their rights still continue to be violated from the side of man in the family be it brother, father or husband. According to a survey conducted by our NGO, 52% of respondents have been subjected to domestic violence during the years 2010-2016, which means every 2 women living in Armenia.

“Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO implemented this awareness-raising educational training course "Women also have Human Rights" for NGO leaders and school teachers from all the 11 regions of Armenia, so the whole country was involved. Only the best and most motivated participants were selected. Young active youth leaders and school teachers’ age 20-35 years old were involved in the project. During the 4 day training course, they had opportunity to get acquainted with the work of European Youth Foundation, topic of human Rights, Roots, Causes of Violence, Case studies in Armenia, also studied International and local laws to prevent violence.

The topic has a direct link to focused theme of the pilot project activities 2018, especially the first one – Access to rights, as the project included activities promoting critical thinking in the context of young people’s access to information and Initiatives combating gender inequalities and gender-based violence.

The last day of the project the young leaders created an action plan for the future doings. As a result they prepared a video, brochure and other materials to be used.

Each participant will be doing its awareness campaign in his/her region till September 15 , 2018 using the printed brochures, which were sent by organization to participants.

With the support of European Youth Foundation, the whole training was very productive and informative. With the help of professional team of trainers and experts the participants had the opportunity not only to enlarge their knowledge on the topic but to create a network for cooperation in the whole Armenia.

Download (PDF) Booklet Project