APV of Youth Exchange 'WISE consYOUmerism'

APV of Youth Exchange 'WISE consYOUmerism'

16-18.08.2019 Berlin, Germany

From 16-18 August, 2019 an Advanced Planned Meeting of leaders for the project “WISEconsYOUmerism” took place in capital of Germany in Berlin. The meeting was organized by AktivInteraktiv and brought together 6 leaders from Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia.

The Project is financed by European Commission, within the framework of Erasmus Plus project. It consists of 2 parts APV from 16-18 August and Youth Exchange 1-7 November 2019. The participating countries will be Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Moldova, Armenia and Georgia.

During the APV visit, the leaders from participating countries had the opportunity to contribute to the preparation process for the youth exchange that will be jointly organized and implemented from 1-7 November 2019 in Germany. During the APV the leaders discussed all organizational issues including the target group, its needs and points of interests regarding the consumerism topic, venue of the project, content, timetable, activities shared responsibilities. Each leader’s contribution and input added a significant value to the meeting.

The participating organizations in the project are:

1) Aktiv Interaktiv – Germany, which is coordinator and applicant organization.
2) Steps for Youth – Cyprus
3) Youth For the World – Georgia
4) Stowarzyszenie Senfineco – Poland
6) “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO – Armenia

The APV went very productive and in a positive atmosphere. The leaders departed to prepare their team for the Youth Exchange in November.