Youth Exchange 'WISE consYOUmerism'

Youth Exchange 'WISE consYOUmerism'

01-07.11.2019 Bremsdorfer Mühle, Germany

On November 1-7 “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO delegated its team to Germany to take part in the youth exchange called “ Wise consYOUmerism”.

The project successfully gathered 36 participants from Germany, Armenia, Georgia, Poland, Moldova and Cyprus in the picturesque neighborhood of Schlaubetal Nature Park, to learn, discuss and share valuable knowledge about consumption and its impact on both human rights and the environment in general.

The official kick-start of the “WISEconsYOUmerism” project was back in August 2019, when the representatives of the 6 partner organizations gathered in Berlin for the Advanced Planned Meeting of leaders.

The youth exchange was organized by the Active Interactive informal group within the Frameworks of Erasmus Plus Programme. Armenia was represented by the Educational and Cultural Bridges NGO with its team of 5 active young people and 1 leader.

The exchange aimed at exploring and educating youth about core issues in sustainability and consumption, such as how unsustainable practices may lead to environmental crisis, or how consumption may affect human rights and contribute to migration.

During the project participants had a very useful session about SDGs and their impact worldwide. Through Q&As, they explored SDGs and global sustainability programmes, how they can get engaged in those in their own countries.

The exchange was an excellent opportunity for young people to learn, think globally and try to act locally, to meet likeminded peers from different countries and international specialists to increase their awareness about global issues, gain practical knowledge about consumption, initiate tailor made solutions with the guidance of the European trainers.