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On 18 May 2023, the “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO has celebrated its 10th Anniversary. The organisation was officially registered in 18 May, 2013 in Ministry of Justice of Republic of Armenia.

During its 10 years the organisation has implemented numerous projects on local and international level. All the projects, videos, photos and detailed information can be found on the official web page of the organisation

For its Anniversary the organisation has invited its founders, leaders, active members and partners. The events comprised of 2 parts, first official presentation, which was followed by celebration. The official presentation was opened by the speech of President of NGO Arpine Kostanyan and Vice-President of NGO Liana Ohanyan.

The founders also spoke how the idea was born, developed, what mission and aim has the organisation. Arpine Kostanyan spoke why the name of NGO was chosen “Educational and Cultural Bridges”, because the founders wanted to put accent on formal and non-formal Education, cross cultural communication and building bridges of cooperation between different countries, youth and professionals. On that purpose the key words are “education”, “culture” and “bridges”. The logo of the organisation is a bridge.

The active members and volunteers of the NGO spoke about the international and local projects that they have participated in. Most participants spoke that Erasmus plus project was a unique possibility for them to travel, get to know other cultures and learn more about intercultural communications. The leaders and trainer of the NGO spoke about implemented projects, needs of Armenian and international youth. On the event also were present Professors from University of Bath, UK within the project Horizon 20202 “Memory of Disputed Territories” (2019-2024). Christina Horvath, official coordinator of the project spoke about Scientific Research project of Horizon 2020, what type of work has been done within the project, publications and joint visits among 7 Partners from 5 countries.

The President of “Educational and Cultural Bridges” NGO also spoke about future upcoming projects and activities of the organisation. She also mentioned that during its 10 years of existence the NGO has created bridges between more than 20 countries and numerous NGOs and instituions.

The official slogan of the EC Bridges NGO is the famous words of Nelson Mandela:

“Education is the most Powerful Weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Thanks to the main donor European Commission the members and young people of the NGO could participate in numerous local and international projects.

The success of the organisation has really been based on partnership from very beginning (Bill Gates).